Welcome to the international TREatment of ATopic eczema registry Taskforce (TREAT) website!


We look forward to working with the global dermatology community on our projects, especially those who routinely treat patients with recalcitrant atopic eczema.

We hope you are interested in collaborating with us. Do get in touch directly if you would like to get involved: treatregistrytaskforce@gmail.com.


TREAT Registry Taskforce Executive Committee

Carsten Flohr (Principal Investigator, UK), Phyllis Spuls (Principal Investigator, The Netherlands)

Christian Apfelbacher (Germany), Alan Irvine (Ireland), and Jochen Schmitt (Germany)


TREAT Registry Taskforce Steering Committee

In addition to the Executive Committee members, the TREAT Registry Taskforce Steering Committee includes: Sebastien Barbarot (France), Angela Bosma (The Netherlands), Mette Deleuran (Denmark), Ignacio García-Doval (Spain), Louise Gerbens (The Netherlands), Lawrence Eichenfield (US), Pina Middelkamp-Hup (The Netherlands), Luigi Naldi (Italy), Jacob Thyssen (Denmark), Christian Vestergaard (Denmark), Dmitri Wall (Ireland), and Stephan Weidinger (Germany)